LGV Activities for 2017

by Kaye Robles

In the interest of keeping our community active and united, the board has prepared a series of activities for the year that will not only allow us to become more engaged in the community, it will also allow us the opportunities to befriend and engage with neighbors, new and old.

Here’s a list of our upcoming events:

March 19 – The first in a series of rummage sales at the Baysa Court. Please check our previous post on how to get your own table.

April 16 – Annual Easter Egg Hunting Party

June 18 – The second rummage sale at the Baysa Court.

September 17 – The third rummage sale at the Baysa Court.

October 31 – Annual Halloween Party.

November 12 – The fourth rummage sale at the Baysa Court.

December 9 – LGV Residents’ Christmas Party.

But this isn’t all that we can expect from our community this year! Aside from these, we will also be having our Annual Hoops Camp Basketball Clinic for Kids, and a community cooking class in April/May. In October/November, we will also be having our annual Sunday Market.

Keep an eye on this page for more updates regarding LGV’s activities for 2017. If you have any ideas or would like to propose additional workshops and classes for the community (like Mr. Dino Juan’s urban gardening session last January), please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mrs. Lilu Tanjangco, Chairperson of the Cultural Affairs Committee.

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