LGV Hoops Games 2016

Awarding Ceremony Ends Successful LGV Hoops Games 2016

by Kaye Robles

The heads of LGV’s Sports Committee, Lilu Tanjangco (Chairperson, Youth & Sports Committee) and Ysmael V. Baysa (Chairman, Basketball Club), closed the annual LGV Hoops Games last November 27 with an awarding ceremony that celebrated the achievements of this year’s participants.

The games began in July 24 and 10 teams played on rotation every Saturday and Sunday afternoon at the Ysmael V. Baysa Sports Center at The Gardens. This year’s Champion is the Maroon Team, under the leadership of Seve Roman, followed by Archie Pablico’s Red Team as the 1st runner up.

Monick Ango and Nestor Nunezo led the Navy Blue and Apple Green teams, who won 2nd runner up and 3rd runner up respectively.

In addition to this, special awards were also given to the following for other achievements:

  • Crisanto Gallon (Gold Team) – Best in Rebound
  • Martin Concepcion (Maroon Team) – Best in Assist
  • Marvin Cariaga (Red Team) – Best in Blocks
  • Mark Pascua (Navy Blue Team) – Best in Steal
  • Marvin Cariaga (Red Team) – Best in Scoring

 Mythical Five

    • Marvin Cariaga (Red Team)
    • Martin Concepcion (Maroon Team)
    • Nico Fernandez (Maroon Team)
    • James Gajete (Navy Blue Team)
    • King Handayan (Red Team)

Marvin Cariaga (Red Team) was named Season MVP for his excellent overall performance while Nico Fernandez’s (Maroon Team) was named Championship MVP for his standout plays during the final game.

Let’s congratulate all our athletes on a season well played!

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